Why Preserve?



“Traditional” does not necessarily mean “Obsolete”

The desire to maintain the traditions of Dagpo Shedrub Ling does not arise from attachment to the past or nostalgia but from the awareness that they contribute to well-being and happiness, and from the wish that as many people as possible may benefit from them.

All the activities that constitute the daily life of members of Dagpo Shedrub Ling are inspired by a unique aim – to ensure that all beings find stable happiness. Centuries of experience have shown again and again the effectiveness of the methods used to fulfil this goal as they have produced many spiritually accomplished masters. Today, by the force of circumstances, these traditions have become available to people of diverse nationalities. As Buddhists and non-Buddhists alike test them, it has become clear to many that they indeed increase their personal well-being and their concern for others’ welfare.

Such a way of life, in which people devote themselves systematically to developing attitudes of non-violence, love, and compassion towards others, is quite rare in the world today, and is all the more precious.

It is our hope to preserve this treasure for the benefit of future generations.