It is crucial to maintain and develop a satisfactory level of good health care on the site of Kaïs, while both the population of the monastic community and surrounding areas are growing . Community life raises specific issues, particularly in the field of prevention of a wide range of contagious diseases affecting India and with the diversity of their needs , the situation is constantly being monitored .

A Tibetan nurse works and lives in Dagpo Shedrup Ling and he is generally responsible for the heath care of the monks together with the support of some local doctors coming to his aid , when necessary to ensure the health condition of the community is being addressed.

It is also important to mention that it is not uncommon that visiting Western doctors have also provided additional health care during their stay, by assisting in monitoring the health of community in general.

In critical cases of disease, should the nurse not be able to diagnose the pathology or provide appropriate treatment himself, patients will be transported either to facilities in nearby town of Kullu, which includes support such as a radiology center and laboratory for blood analysis. Alternatively the patient can be brought to the Manali hospital, for which treatment of more severe illnesses can be sought .
How could the current set-up be improved?

Priority is being given to improve the care of patients experiencing dental problems and the Foundation looks forward to receiving volunteers and support in this area.

Other specialist fields such as Ear Nose and Throat pathologists can also help with giving better conditions in this other area of concern.

More generally, it would be useful if each individual in the monastic community will each receive a personal health record in which any prescribing professional can easily record the treatments they have provided for each member of the community . This would enable a more personalized care for every single monks living in the monastery.