The Dagpo Educational Fund is a non-profit capital fund established in 2009 on the initiative of Venerable Dagpo Rinpoche to help maintain and preserve the precious traditions of Dagpo Shedrub Ling Monastery .

One of its principle ams is to support set up the cultural, educational and philosophical aspects of Buddhist traditions of the monastic university of Dagpo Shedrub Ling anywhere in the world so that they can continue to exist and be shared with those who are interested in them.

The Fund’s aims have an implicit social aspect because people who live in harmony with the traditions of Dagpo Shedrub Ling contribute to education, health and other forms of humanitarian help where needed.

The Fund uses its financial resources for this purpose with non-profit motive. The Fund today, compliments its two sister organisations, The Dagpo Educational Fund ( TDEF ) and Entraide Franco-Tibétaine (EFT) set up with the aims of ensuring the survival of the traditions of Dagpo Shedrub Ling, with each of them employing different methods towards achieving it. EFT addresses the pressing and immediate needs of the community of Dagpo Dratsang. Whereas both TDEF and TEDFA are mainly focused on the longterm preservation of these precious traditions.