Dagpo Thosam Ling School was opened in March 2004 in order to engage a burgeoning population of Tibetans and indigenous groups in the Kullu area seeking refuge in an education curriculum that included learning Tibetan with the idea that it would then play an important role in the preservation of this Himalayan civilisation.

Since that time , the foundation which owns and manages the school after periodic reviews felt that the initial aims and principles of the school had varied and conditions to meet them were no longer applicable to maintain them in its original form.

As a result of this, steps were successfully taken in 2014 to place out all its lay students to institutions commensurate with their educational abilities, with 65 pupils now registered with the Tibetan Children Village in Dharamsala and others joining schools of their own choice .

The school now caters to around 57 monks with teachings primarily centred around giving them the necessary general basis for them to eventually enter the monastery’s philosophical classes at a later age.